Hello all beautiful people,

My name is Amy, I’m from Toronto, ON, CANADA. I’m outspoken, silly and expressive. I have a background is digital and visual arts and I have an addiction for makeup and eye catching flat lays.

I’m sure you’ve found my blog either through my personal social media or my public instagram “dorkification”. A couple of hours ago, I posted my best of 9 shots of 2017. I opened an instagram on June 4th, 2017 and I wasn’t expecting to do much from this account when I first made it but it started to grow rapidly as I started posting daily. Initially, I found it very difficult to find time to post simply because I would come home late from my 9-5 job and by the time I got home, sometimes I would be able to see sunlight and sometimes I wouldn’t. I depend on natural lighting the most because it’s accessible most of the time and it’s best type of lighting; I’ve played with artificial lighting and I just don’t like it as much. A lot of my photos have vibrant, pastel coloured backgrounds and I would share various adorable asian cosmetics. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a HUGE fan of cute packaging. Anything cute, I will mostly want or already own. My collection is kind of getting out of hand now so I do monthly declutters.


When I first started playing with makeup, my collection was TINY, I was a college student struggling to feed myself so all I had was a maybelline define-a-lash mascara, cover girl lash blast, wet n wild – walking on eggshells shadow trio, missha m bb cream #21 and annabell liquid eyeliner! That was it. I didn’t have a job til I was 22 so when I started making my own money, that’s when the sephora boxes started to rack up outside my front porch. At this point, I think the mail men think I’m crazy or sth. HA!! I get packages everyday or every other day.


Though I really enjoy buying, collecting and playing with makeup, I do struggle to save money. Now, I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with emotional eaters. I am that and also an emotional.. spender? I find myself using retail therapy to cope with pain, It sort of works but once I log onto my bank account, I’m in complete shock how low my funds are. You’d think I would keep track or expect this to happen but I don’t. You’d be surprised how quick money goes. $2 coffee here, $20 snacks there and $200 makeup.. Yeah, it’s not fun. I’ll figure it out eventually.


Luckily, I’ve established that I clearly have a problem and I’ve been using up my products one by one. Feels good to use up products because I honestly haven’t really experienced that too often other than using up foundations, cleansers and eyeliner. I have never finished an eyeshadow palette in my life. Pretty sad if you ask me. My goal for 2018 is to actually USE up most of my eyeshadow palettes and ONLY repurchase the ones I care for. I’m currently in a “phase” where I’m crazy over pops of colour, which is concerning to me because I don’t wear eyeshadows everyday and most of these colours are not exactly work appropriate.

2018 GOALS


  • Post more in-depth reviews
  • Have the courage to reach out to companies and vendors for partnerships
  • Post on my blog more often, be sure to link my blog posts on my ig posts
  • Post more swatches and more close up shots of products


Yes, I do play games and I’m looking into starting a twitch streaming channel

  • Find a schedule and follow it
  • Be a twitch partner
  • Be interactive with viewers

Maaan, that was a long post. If you stuck til the end, you deserve a cookie! Cheers to 2018.

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