Skin Update & Skin Congestion

Hello friends, today I wanted to bring up a really important topic in skincare that I don’t hear about enough. I’m sure most of us have been through it.

My skin has been acting up this past holiday break due to poor diet, environmental changes and Canadian winter season dryness. We came from having freezing cold weather to having warm spring-like temperatures. My skin has taken a huge toll from these changes. I’ve often had issues where my skin was so dehydrated and dry where it could flaked up and start bleeding. This time around, it was just itchy and congested. When my skin is in this state, I don’t apply on just any skincare product on my face because my skin will often reject it. I have to carefully select which products are appropriate for my skin and are able to soothe the inflammation down.

A month ago, I went on here to review the JKosmmune Beta Glucan Toner mist and it is still my favourite toner mist. If you’re interested in hearing my thoughts on this product, feel free to search up “JKosmmune” on the search bar to find my blog post on this product.

As some of you may know, I’m a huge fan of hot showers. Now now… I know how terrible and drying it is for the skin but I cannot help myself sometimes! It feels nice and I prefer showering in hot water over showering in cold water anyway.

I always leave this mist in the washroom because it’s very accessible for me. After every shower, I would quickly mist this toner all over my face evenly to restore, rehydrate and reduce the redness in my skin from the hot shower I took. It works wonders and my skin drinks it up so quickly.

This toner mist is simple because it only consists of 10 simple ingredients and has a shelf life of 9 months. Most products have preservatives which increases their shelf life however Jkosmmune made this toner with mild ingredients and compatible for all skin types (yes, that includes extremely sensitive skin). It’s special and star ingredient is beta-glucan.

Beta-Glucan is a fantastic ingredient to maintain skin’s texture, plumpness and is able to promote collagen growth. It aids the skin as a healing agent from rashes, wounds and also sun exposure.

If you’re interested in this product, please check out Jkosmmune Official Website to purchase a toner for yourself. I highly recommend this toner for anyone who suffers with skin inflammation and most importantly, redness.

The reason why I wanted to revisit this product is because I wanted to share my positive experience with it and I will continue to repurchase this product because it works and I strongly believe in this product. I hope my experience has helped you decide whether you would like to try this mist because it’s truly a fantastic product.

My favourite moisturizer to pair with this toner mist is the drunk elephant lala retro moisturizer. It is quite expensive so I’ve been patiently looking for an alternative because drunk elephant pricing is quite steep for my budget.

Until next time, friends!



Disclaimer: I was given this product in exchange for an honest review. All views and thoughts of this product are my own. What may work for me, may not work for you so please keep that in mind.