[REVIEW] Some By Mi Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Toner

Hello dear friends, I’m back with another review this week. My skin has been extremely sensitive lately and has been going through multiple changes as the weather transitions from winter to spring, which has put me back from trying and being able to review products with actives in them. I was mainly focusing on my barrier care. Now that my skin is finally back up to speed and seems to relatively okay – I’ve been giving this toner a shot for the past 2 months on and off. I

I’ve received such positive feedback on the Some By Mi miracle cream review I did last month, I decided to come back on here to share another Some By Mi product. If you have not seen my review on the miracle cream, please click here to be redirected on the post.

I wanted to thank the Some By Mi team for gifting this product to me to try and review.


200ml ~ $ 39 USD

Available on:  eBayYesstyleAmazon|Style Korean


  • This toner has a multi-functional purpose where it can provide whitening effects, potent with antioxidants, moisturizing, nourishing and improves the overall skin’s appearance.
  • This is very mild and gentle on the skin and can create a radiant appearance to the skin.
  • it’s formulated with natural ingredients that increase skin’s resilience and vitality.
  • It contains 88% (880,000 ppm) of toner and 75% of serum (750,000 ppm) which helps brighten the skin.
  • Has a high-concentration of Pure Vitamin C + 10 Other Vitamins which can restore its elasticity and also brighten the skin.


  • Assists to clear and restore the skin’s texture and overall appearance.
  • Diminishes the appearance of enlarged pores.
  • Reduces the appearance of dark marks and removes skin impurities.

Key Ingredients:

  • Galactomyces – can significantly reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and blackheads. It also can brighten dull skin.
  • Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid – this is a potent antioxidant that provides the skin skin-soothing properties and also improves the appearance of aging
  • Niacinamide – this has the ability to stabilize and tighten your skin barrier + visibly shrinks the appearance of pores and diminishes skin dullness.
  • Panthenol – (a provitamin of B5) and it’s used a lubricant, emollient and moisturizer to bind to hair and penetrate into skin providing both lubrication and hydration.
  • Linoleic Acid – This is an antioxidant, restores skin’s appearance and has soothing properties.

My thoughts

The first thing I noticed about this toner is its tinted packaging, which is fantastic because tinted bottles refrain the product inside from oxidization. It’s better to be safe than sorry so always be sure to store your Vitamin C based products in a dry, dark and cool storage to protect it. I’ve been getting a lot of random sun spots all around my face and even with wearing sunscreen + reapplying, I somehow get them. I found this toner was able to reduce and minimize the appearance of my spots significantly. I also appreciated that it didn’t tingle or burn my skin badly like some Vitamin C products do to my skin however I did notice a very light tingly sensation to my skin when using this. The texture of the toner is on the watery side and has a diluted syrup-like consistency to it; it applies really nicely on the skin and absorbs into my skin really well.

TIP: For best results, pour the toner directly onto your hand and apply onto face. Ditch the cotton pads and this applies for all toners, especially thick ones because of all it does absorbs most of your product and that’s a waste.


  • Texture: 4/5 – Texture is decent, it’s lightweight feeling on the skin and absorbs easily. There is a very slight orange/brown tint to this toner – do not be alarmed when you see this. This was the color I saw when I first opened the product.
  • Scent: 5/5 – Smells citrusy and I do appreciate anything that smells like oranges!
  • Price: 3.5/5 – It is kind of expensive for a toner however for 200ml, it would last you quite a while before you would need to repurchase it. I personally would not use this toner every single day because it would vary on my skin condition during the moment. Barrier care comes first! If you’re interested in a great deal, Style Korean usually has fantastic deals and I saw this for 60% off 2 weeks ago. Be sure to check their website frequently for this deal because it’s by far the cheapest price I’ve seen for this toner.
  • Performance: 4/5 – The results and what it could do for my skin were minimal, I have no complaints here.
  • Packaging: 3/5 – It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing looking bottle however that being said the product inside functions beautifully and does what it claims.
  • Overall: 4/5 – I’m on the fence if I would repurchase this. I am known to collect and have a lot of toners, it would take me a lifetime to go through toners if I constantly repurchase them. This toner is fantastic for those who are looking for something new to their collection, brighten dark spots and those with normal, oily or combination skin. The reason why I did not mention sensitive skin is that there are a few essential oils in this product such bergamot, lavender but they are at the very bottom of the list of the ingredients so they’re not as potent. Although Essential oils smell beautiful. they can be irritants to the skin so just be aware of the ingredients prior to purchasing. Please be sure to do your research on ingredients and do patch tests on your wrist to see if the product may/may not give you a negative reaction.

Well, that’s it for now friends. Until next time for another week and a new review! Also, be sure to comment below if you have any product suggestions or requests on what you want me to review; I just might be able to accommodate that request. If you’re coming from my Instagram, have a look through my feed and see what products you have seen me feature and would like me to review. I would love to share my thoughts and experiences with you all.

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One thought on “[REVIEW] Some By Mi Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Toner

  1. Sounds interesting, a vitamin C toner! I’d be curious to try this one, especially since I associate some by mi to be more for acne prone skin (which is not how I identify) but this product made me open my eyes to their other product offerings!


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