Japan in the box is a carefully curated Japanese themed subscription box that consists of a wide variety of self-care items from skincare, bath, and even Japanese treats. You’re likely to find some popular, familiar products and some new ones. I personally only have seen two things before in this box and it was their kit kat and also the lululun mask set. This box did take a while to get to me however I eventually got it because if you’re not familiar with Canadian customs, they often take a while to clear packages because they want to ensure they check package contents prior to releasing them.

They offer free shipping worldwide, which is amazing because most subscription boxes do charge for shipping so it’s nice to know you’re paying a fixed price without worrying paying additional fees. I personally did not have any issues with custom and duties fees with this package and it got to me in tip-top shape, everything was also beautifully wrapped securely.

Kit Kats are classic and popular snacks in Japan and they often come in a large range of flavors and when I mean large range, I mean all sorts of flavors from citrus, milky, fruity even. There are all sorts of flavors so this is always exciting to see and you can even write the recipient’s name at the back if it’s a gift.

Lululun masks are very well-known universally and it’s likely because of how affordable they are and they’re marketed towards sensitive folks. If sensitive skin people can use them, so can everyone else. I like the concept of having 1 package and multiple masks inside because it limits out producing so much waste and because I sheet mask every single day, these kinds of masks will come in handy for sure.


Bath salts, anything bath care is very popular in Japan because you’ll often get these with as a gift with purchase from a beauty shop online or instore. They’re a great way to detox and unwind for the day. Some have heating/warming features to them making your bath experience more luxurious and relaxing.


If there any specific products you’re curious to know more about, Japan in the box created a unique QR code where you can scan with your phone and find further information about the box. How innovative and exciting is that? Ditching long, lengthy info cards and using your phone to read on more information about the products. I’ve been using Japanese skincare for as long as I remember and they always have one of the best quality products.


Lastly, can we just appreciate the detail of the box? it’s absolutely beautiful and I love the art and design for this. For a new subscription box company, I am very impressed with what I see and look forward to seeing what else they have to offer in the near future. Please be sure to check out their website for more information + follow them on Instagram.





Today I will be sharing and introducing you all a fantastic a Canadian owned Asian beauty and lifestyle store. For your Canadian friends, you are in luck because this is a pretty awesome shop. Life Code Boutique strives to provide customers the best online shipping experience, superior customer service and a variety of affordable, high-quality beauty and lifestyle products. With just a few clicks, shopper’s purchase would be delivered straight to their mailbox! I would like to thank Alice for coordinating this collaboration with me and giving me the opportunity to try out new and some familiar brands.

Website’s Features

  • Free local pickup (no minimum purchase), they’re based in Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Fast shipping in Canada (maximum 1-week wait)
  • Free shipping with any purchase of $50 CAD
  • 10% off your first order as a welcome gift
  • Every month, there are new products listed and monthly promotional discounts on different brands
  • Become a member and subscribe for the month newsletter
  • Free gift for members subscription

I have a promotional code if you wanted to shop on their website,
Use Code: 
Amy15 (valid till 10/31/2019). 

Alrighty, let’s get into the unboxing and product descriptions now!


Club Airy Suppin Makeup-free Pressed Powder – Bouquet (Green edition)


Can we just appreciate how adorable this packaging is? It has a beautiful stripe design with a delicate illustration along with a powder puff that has a bow! This is one of many of Japan’s popular items and I can understand why because I’ve been using this powder every single day to set my makeup and it really controls my excess oil from producing and keeps me matte without looking dry. I recall reading somewhere that you can wear this powder to sleep and it acts as a skincare powder, where it can minimize excess oil production throughout the night. I would recommend this to those who have normal and combination skin. If you’re sensitive to scents or have sensitive skin, maybe skip on this one because this does contain fragrance in it. It has a very soft floral scent to it, which I absolutely enjoy!

Kiss Me Sharp Gel Liner Super Waterproof 1.5mm


Link: Available Here

I absolutely adore their mascara line and the lengthening one is my holy grail. When I first saw this eyeliner in my package, I was so excited simply because I find Japanese eyeliners very heavy-duty and long-lasting. I specifically use this eyeliner to tight line my eyes and it lasts throughout the day – no smudging, bits on my face. The colour is a rich black and really emphasizes and makes the eyes bigger and brighter looking.
If you have been following me for a while, you would know that my signature look is my cat winged eyeliner. I only use waterproof eyeliners because I cannot afford to have my eyeliner smudging everywhere throughout the day.

LABO LABO Super Keana Lotion 200 ml


Link: Available Here

This is a Japanese brand and also is new to me, I’ve never seen this brand before so it was refreshing to see unique brands. The claims are it is a refreshing lotion that clears pore congestion, refines pores and also hydrates the skin. Sounds like the dream lotion, right? There also has no added fragrance, colour dyes, mineral oils, parabens, petroleum, alcohol and surfactant agents. This is super mild and gentle and suitable for all skin types! I’m all for simple skincare that is mild, non-abrasive and non-stripping so this right off the bat surprised me and made me very excited to incorporate it in my skincare routine.

JM Solution Water Luminous SOS Ringer Mask (35 ml x 10 sheet masks)


Link: Available here

I am a sheet mask addict, I treat my skin to a sheet mask every single day. My existing sheet mask stash is gradually dropping down because I have not been purchasing any new ones. The moment I saw this in the box, I was excited simply because I’m still exploring the JM Solution brand and have only tried one of their sheet masks in the past. I also am very big in barrier care, it’s crucial to me to focus on hydrating, moisturizing and also nourishing my skin. This mask offers a highly concentrated treatment that is combined with water that deeply moisturizes and hydrates the skin to improve skin’s overall appearance, elasticity, and texture. This is a cellulose sheet mask and the material offers comfort to the skin and delivers active ingredients effectively with high-adhesion. It contains beautiful ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides, and aquaxyl with enhanced moisturizing ingredients. There is also panthenol and allantoin ingredients that are fantastic for calming, soothing and hydrating the skin, leaving it feeling like silk.

COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pads (70 pads)


Link: Available here

If you don’t know or have heard of COSRX, you are living under a rock. COSRX has been around for quite a few years now and has a fantastic reputation for creating quality products at an affordable price. The One-step pimple pads contain BHA and White willow bark tree extract, they work together to correct and combat against uneven skin tone. Each pad is soaked in a generous amount of solution that can deeply penetrate and remove sebum and skin waste. There are 70 pads in here so it’ll last you a while. I’ve been using this and have been enjoying them, they’re not stripping or drying – they also do not leave a residue on the skin. I find this is very effective for my skin and also I find my skin appears to be more balanced.

Etude House Silk Scarf Double Care Hair Mask Pack


Link: Available here

I didn’t even know Etude House made hair masks but first time for everything, right? My hair has been overprocessed in the past and really needs some TLC. Alice was kind enough to send me 2 of these to try out. So the star ingredients appear to be hohobassi oil and ceramide (nano-ceramide). These two ingredients work together as a powerhouse to restore hair’s texture and overall appearance.

C-ROLAND Loshi Horse Oil Moisturizing Skin Cream (220g)


Link: Available here

Some of you may be raising your eyebrows and asking yourselves, “horse oil?” Horse oil has been used in skin care for many, many years; it’s packed with fatty acids and antibacterial properties to protect and maintain the skin’s barrier. It is used to treat burns, cuts, and eczema. This is formulated with 100% pure horse oil and has no irritating chemicals. It’s suitable for all skin types and can be used all season round.

If you’re interested in getting any of these or would like to shop at Lifecode Boutique, please feel free to use the code: AMY15 to get 15% off your purchase (code is only valid until 10/31/2019).

Thank you, Alice, for putting such a wonderful and beautiful package together. Everything was very thoughtful and fantastic quality. Although I don’t always share sensitive skincare products, I do prefer them over products that are complicating. The skincare products are very straight to the point, clear and just absolutely fantastic.

Please feel free to drop a comment or DM me on Instagram if you would like me to review any of these. That’s it for now, folks! Stay tuned for my next post!



Hello friends, today’s blog post will be a bit different from what I usually post and I will be sharing a subscription box service that caters to those who are interested in both K-Beauty & K-Skincare. This was box was kindly gifted to me for me to try, review and share this amazing service with you all!

What is it?

This is a K-Beauty and K-Skincare subscription box service that allows you to try out new products. Each month, those who are subscribed to this service will receive 5-7 full-size products and they can value up to $60-$100; there are lots of well-known K-Beauty brands and also some indie brands as well. How awesome is that? Also, when you share your JoahBox with your family and friends on social media, you will get a chance to win an extra product in your JoahBox. Who doesn’t love freebies?


Let’s take a closer look at the box! The original service use to give out boxes but now they switched to pouches inside. I actually like the pouches a lot more because they’re travel-friendly and can be re-used. Let’s take a moment and appreciate how adorable everything is! Every box, an information card is included with a gorgeous illustration along with a beautiful customized card. The card resembles a card you could find in a deck of cards. I personally find these little details really make this subscription service stand out.

MILIMAGE – Water Rising Tint

Retails for $12 


This is a water-based lip tint that is rich in pigment and also provides beneficial moisture onto the lips. It is a hybrid gloss x tint product and has a lightweight water-like texture feeling. There is absolutely no stickiness to this and is long-wearing. The packaging for this is absolutely adorable and looks fun! On the outside, it has the appearance of lipstick inside a frosted container but turns out, it has a doe foot applicator inside.

Joah Tip: Apply a suitable amount on lips from center to outwards. Adjust the number of layers to create the colour you desire.

The 2ndaid – AZULENE Calming Cream

Retails for $15 

DSC_2503Azulene a fantastic ingredient that carries healing properties and is extracted from chamomile; it is also a potent anti-inflammatory and provides the skin rapid relief and reducing the appearance of redness. This cream has calming, soothing and balancing properties.

How To Use: Use once to twice a week or whenever you have skin inflammation or irritation.


The Plant Base – White Truffle Turn Over Peeling

Retails for $13

DSC_2499                            DSC_2500

This is a mild physical exfoliant and has a dual-active formula of natural cellulose and apricot seeds to exfoliate dead skin cells and brighten dark spots without any skin irritation. It is formulated with Ginseng and White Truffle. Also, this product is cruelty-free, hypo-allergenic and uses plant extracts, roots and etc. This sounds like an awesome product!

PONY EFFECT – Stay Put Eye Stick

Retails for $16


This is a gel-based formula eyeshadow stick that allows you slide, glide and blend this effortlessly. It’s also smudge-free! This is a metallic bronze colour and is perfect for everyday wear! I’ve tried a handful of eyeshadow sticks and this one is really comparable to the Laura Mercier ones but for a fraction of the cost!


Dr. Gloderm – Eye Mask Night

Retails for $3


This is a hydro-gel mask that provides hydration and an amazing cooling effect on the skin while brightening the skin! If you subscribed to February’s box, be sure to use the jelly mist prior to the sheet mask for full cooling and calming results. Apply this mask and leave it on for 20 minutes, be sure to pat the remaining essence until fully absorbed onto the skin.

My thoughts

Overall, I think this box is worth its value, there were two familiar brands. I knew of pony effect along with milimage, the rest were new brands to me but I thought it was a fantastic experience since there were new brands in this box and it’s an excellent way to experiment and try new products! I also forgot to include the Commleaf  Surely Green 100 Face Oil Mini and it was a sample size and the value is $4. I already own the full size of this product and absolutely adore it!

Subscription Prices:

One time box: $35.95
Monthly box: $35.95
3 months: $105.95 (Save $2 from monthly)
6 months: $207.95 (Save $8 compared to monthly) 

The total value of my box was: $63! That’s pretty much like double of what you pay for the box. I think it’s a great deal and worth a shot if you’re interested in trying out new K-Beauty products.