As much as I love powder blushes, I really like that dewy skin appearance and I definitely can achieve that with cream blushes because they create that fresh, glowy appearance to the skin; which I absolutely adore!

Could these be dupes? Keep reading to find out!


CANMAKE is a very well known Japanese brand and it originated from Japan. CANMAKE is well-known for its classic cream blushes. They also do offer other products such as pressed powder, lip care products and foundation, however, they’re not as popular as their blushes. They offer powder blushes that have a few highlight pieces in them to create that illuminating effect to the cheeks.


Glossier is more of a newer company, they were found in 2014 and they are originated in US. They also claim that their products are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan. This is likely to attract a big audience because there are a lot of people who are into clean, green beauty. I also find a lot of Glossier’s fans are people who strive for that natural skin appearance. Glossier makes a lot of great, sheer products that create that “my skin but better” kind of look.

Although both of the brands were from different origins, I do see the similarities in them with minimalistic packaging and branding. They don’t have to put so much effort creating flashy, bold packaging to get fans, they already have trusted fans because they’ve proven themselves and they continue to be successful.


I personally find these blushes one of the best user-friendly blushes in the market. I’m not crazy about the cheap-looking packaging however, I really do love the product inside and also, you can see the colour on the outside of the packaging where you don’t have to flip over the product to see its name/open it to see what shade it is because you will come across that issue with MAC blush compact packaging. The only drawback I really see for some users is that it isn’t very hygienic because you’re dipping your fingers back and forth to apply on the product to your cheeks. These are pretty easily accessible online from eBay, Amazon, YesStyle and etc.

Available here: AmazonYesstyleeBay


These are awesome but I don’t find they’re very user-friendly simply because it may be hard to control getting the perfect amount product out. I find myself accidentally squeezing out more product out than I really need to. There is a colour for everyone in their range, which is fantastic and I am excited to see any upcoming shades they release in the near future because these are well-known, popular products and it would definitely spark interest to a lot of people. The packaging for this is a lot more hygienic because you can squeeze out the product without directly touching it every time. These aren’t easily accessible and not available for some countries in the world. The only place I know where you can buy these is from their official website.

Available here: Glossier



Glossier cloud paints are a gel creamy consistency while the Canmake cream blushes are a gel, lightweight balm consistency. They’re comparable in a sense of finish, similar textures and how they layer on the skin. The longevity for these two is about the same and they’re long-wearing as well on the skin. I find these kinds of consistencies are best for those who have dry, normal and combo skin. As for the oilier babes, I would definitely set this if you want it to be long-wearing on the skin. The colours that Canmake offers are reds, corals and some rosy tones. As for Glossier, there is a nice range of colours to choose from however some would disagree and say it’s limited. I do believe Glossier cloud paints are not very forgiving for application and require you to apply little amounts at a time.

I would say their price points are quite similar, however, you get a lot more product in the CANMAKE cream blushes and you have easier control because for how forgiving they are and they apply in very light watercolor-like layers to the skin.

I think it really depends on what you’re looking for in a cream blush and if whether you would like to want something in a pot container or squeeze tube. I would recommend you to look up swatches and the colours they offer to get a better idea which is more fitting for your tastes and skin tone. I have a post for glossier cloud paint swatches so click here to see how the colours looked blended out. For me, if I had to really choose – I would probably go for the CANMAKE one simply because how easy it is to find online and they come in a lot of colours to experiment with and I like how easy it is to work with them.






I’m sure everyone has heard of this brand at one point in their beauty journey. Glossier is known for its minimalist and natural makeup. Their skincare products never really intrigued me however their beauty products such as the wowder, balm dot coms and last but not least… their cloud paints! I only own 4 of them and I must say, I think I made some fantastic choices.


Glossier Cloud Paint
10 ml ~ $22 CAD or buy the duo set and save $8 ($32 CAD)

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The shades I own are:

Storm – red, brick plum shade ~ this my HG, it makes my cheeks look flushed and radiant. Be very careful with this one, I would apply thin layers of this because it’s extremely pigmented and can quickly give you that clown-like appearance. I think this shade would be best for fall-winter. Maybe even spring.
Haze – cool tone magenta ~ out of all of them, I find this one the most difficult to use. I have fair-light skin so I would have to apply really SMALL amounts of this at a time to blend into my skin. It’s really dark and I find this would be best on deeper skin tones.
Beam – light coral ~ I think it’s safe to say that this is my 3rd favourite and it’s definitely perfect for spring and summer.
Puff – cool tone baby pink ~ this is my 2nd favourite out of the 4 I own and it gives me that innocent, youthful appearance.



  • Texture: 5/5 – It’s a unique gel-like consistency and spreads really nicely into the skin.
  • Scent: 5/5 – No scent to it, which is fantastic because we all know fragrance is quite unnecessary in makeup and skincare products. They add no beneficial value or factor to the product.
  • Price: 2/5 – There is a VERY small amount of product in these little tubes however you really only need a dot size amount on each cheek. It really depends on how you see this is. Personally, I find it a bit expensive for what it is. My canmake cheek and lip creams are $10 less than this and work just the same. In fact, I think they’re pretty close dupes to the cloud paints however the cloud paints have more unique and “natural” skin like blush tones.
  • Performance: 5/5 – Long lasting, lasts throughout the day and does not disappear. Be very careful when applying this and do not press too hard on the tube to get too much product out. In addition, be sure to screw on the lid tightly after use because this stuff dries up real fast if you don’t.
  • Packaging: 3/5 –Practical, easy to travel with. I’m not quite sure how difficult it is to get the product when you’re close to the end of the tube, but I’m sure it’s not different than any other tube-based packaging. I’m sure we all are familiar with how annoying it is to squeeze the remaining toothpaste out from the tube, hopefully, it won’t be that way.
  • Overall: 4/5 – I love cloud paints, regardless of the fact that they are so pricey. I have worn mine every single day since I’ve gotten them (3 months ago) and I still have more than half the product left; goes to show you that never underestimate a product because it appears to be little or small.