[ROUTINE] Haircare + Lessons I learned (tips)

Hi friends, as many of you already know – I am very big on makeup and skincare however, I don’t seem to really care for my hair as much as I should. I was blessed to be born with very thick hair, that being said, I never really appreciated as much as I do recently because I notice I started to lose a lot of hair recently; which is normal because that comes with ageing and possibly because of stress. They say the average person loses between 50-100 strands of hair a day so don’t be alarmed if you see that many or approximately. I wanted to come on here and share with you some hair care tips and what has been working for me.


Brush your hair

I recently started to comb my hair more, I know this sounds ridiculous but I honestly never cared much for combing my hair. What combing does it separates your hair strands apart so they do not get tangled, evenly distribute your scalp’s natural oil to nourish the rest of your hair and the trick behind this is to be gentle as possible as you brush your hair. Do not brush your hair aggressively, you will do the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve and you find yourself damaging and breaking your hair by doing that. I really love using the wet brush, it’s fantastic for my coarse hair and gently brushes away tangles. These can be found at your local drugstores, beauty supplies stores and if you’re in a pinch and you got no time to go to those stores – amazon has them and it’s available for amazon prime as well.

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Don’t overdo your hairdo, avoid using chemicals and don’t overwash

I am very low maintenance with my hair, I do not care to style it so this is never a problem for me really. When I do style it, it’s likely because I am going to attend a wedding or a party of some sort. Now, onto the unnecessary chemicals part – I don’t like to blow dry my hair, I usually just let it air dry so I don’t really use heat protectants. On very rare occasions, I will skip a day of washing my hair with shampoo simply because it’s very dry for scalp and I find myself losing a lot more hair when I constantly wash it every single day. The only time you will ever see me use dry shampoo is when I have to go out and look professional for work meetings. Overall, I don’t like the idea of using silica-based powder from an aerosol that can temporarily fix my hair because I don’t know exactly what the chemicals can really do to the hair for the long term. I stopped using batiste dry shampoo altogether and have been using the VERB on really rare occasions.

What has been working for me is I would do something called “co-wash”, this stands for conditioner-only wash and I would do this every other day so I’m not drying out my scalp too much by over washing it. Conditioners have a lot of nourishing, rich ingredients to keep the hair healthy and soft, it does contain a small percentage of surfactants to clean the hair. I would wash my hair with my VERB ghost shampoo and then the following day just use my Live Clean Conditioner and this has been working for me. Let me know if you have tried this and if whether it has worked for you as well.

Try not to tie up your hair too often

If you’re going to tie your hair up, try to use the hair ties without any of the metal piece and ones that stretch nicely without feeling too stiff. You don’t want your hair tie tugging your hair. If you tied your hair too tight, then try again but tie it looser. What I like to do is I use hair clips to hold my hair in place and that’s how I avoid from tieing it up. The hair clips I use are stylized ones but you’re more than welcome to use bobbi pins or plain design ones, they work just as well.


Say goodbye to tangles

For someone who has coarse, dense hair, I also struggle with very stubborn and annoying hair tangles. I recently found an amaaazzing product from Cohorted subscription box and they curated this box with a beautiful hair product called Color WOW dream coat. This hair treatment spray separates my hair strands and loosens them up making it comb through easily. I won’t like, I thought it looked quite gimmicky when I first looked at it but man, this is stuff I swear by to detangle my hair. I will be repurchasing this over and over again.

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Take your vitamins

These are words of wisdom! I see this as the adult version of telling adults to “eat their vegetables!”. I know this sounds ridiculous but you’d be surprised what happens to the body as we age, we think we’re invincible and aging+illness will never affect us. As we age, our health declines and our bodies are vitamin deficient. The vitamin I’ve been taking a lot to maintain my hair and nail health is biotin. You might have heard of it before but the biotin is fantastic for those who suffer from hair loss, thin hair and there are countless research shows that biotin can improve hair thickness, shine, and quality.

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Wear a hat

If it’s cold out and super windy, I really suggest you wear a hat. Your scalp will get extra dry. Now that it’s winter here in Canada, it is crucial to wear a hat when we’re going out anywhere. It doesn’t have to be a tuque, baseball hat, it can even be your jacket hood.

Well, that’s all, for now, folks, I hope you found this helpful or even some of it because these steps definitely were a game-changer in my hair care routine.


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